Bull AuctionsWelcome to Bull Auctions! Auctions have been around to sell livestock, slaves, jewelry to fine art, antiques and more. It’s been a way for people through the centuries to have the opportunity to get items that are common to rare and at a far cheaper price than if they were to buy them from a retailer or individual party. Auctions can be found anywhere from Apopka (Orlando FL area) to all over California. From Las Vegas all the way to New Mexico.

Cattle Auctions

Cattle auctions are often used when you merely have one or two cows that you desire to sell quickly. Many people take advantage of cattle auctions on a small scale basis while commercial ranches tend to sell herds of hundreds of cattle at a time. In addition to raising your animals for food if you happen to have a milk farm you will need to invest in some additional equipment before you can safely sell your milk on the commercial market.

Auction Tips

  • Register in Advance – You want to be ready to go when they start.
  • Bid Early – Try to beat out the late arrivals.
  • Set your limit – Set your limit and stick to it. If you go home empty handed, you will also have next time.
  • Bring Cash/Payments with you – Most require immediate payment, so be prepared.

Bull Auctions

Bull Auctions are similar to cattle and livestock auctions, with prices relating to current market conditions.

Find a Local Show or Live Stock Auction

This highly-anticipated annual show is comprised of several events like trail rides, rodeo, bull riding, livestock auction, barbecue contest, pig racing, and the most popular event, the calf scramble. The calf scramble was introduced in 1942 and became the easy favorite since then as 28 students would try their best to capture the 14 calves. The emerging winner would be awarded with more than 1000 dollars as cash prize.

Although famous for its livestock and rodeo show, spectators also go there to witness performances from various famous international artists and musicians who dazzle the expectant crowd. Famous personalities who graced this show include the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley and the King of Country, George Strait.

Cattle AuctionsSample ad on craigslist for some livestock…

I have 2 Angus Cows, one 4 yrs old and one 6 yrs, Around 1000 pounds each and a young bull about 6 months old that will weigh about 500 pounds. Both cows are bread back to a Black Angus bull they should calf in the spring. $1200 each for the cows $650 for the bull or all three for $2800

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